Weight Loss Surgery Options

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Weight Loss Surgery Options


With weight loss being one of the fastest growing industries in the western world, it makes sense to know what your weight loss surgery options are.

It can be all very confusing when you are trying to make a relevant choice to meet your fat loss needs.

Your primary objective is to lose as much weight as possible to bring your Body Mass Index (BMI) to the healthy zone or at least as near it as possible.

If you are morbidly obese or if your BMI is 40 and over, and regular, simpler methods of weight loss have proved unsuccessful, then you may seriously want to consider obesity surgery.

In fact, you may also want to consider bariatric surgery if your BMI is between 35 and 39 if you have obesity-related health problems like Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea etc.

A lot of the weight loss surgery options have been with us for decades and as the years have passed by, some have been modified (at least, the techniques involved anyway), to make them suitable for the 21st century.

For instance a lot of the weight loss surgery options can now be performed via key hole route commonly referred to as laparoscopy. The laparoscopic options might take a little longer to perform compared to the open alternative, but they have obvious advantages in terms of stay in hospital and length of recovery.

When you see your bariatric surgeon for consultation, ask whether he is able to perform your chosen weight loss surgery option by the laparoscopic route amongst other questions.

 So what weight loss surgery options are available to you?

Well there are quite a number but the more commonly performed ones are listed below. I have written in great details most of what you need to know about each procedure on the relevant pages.

Click on each link to see if any of the weight loss surgery options is suitable for you.

      Gastric banding surgery

      Roux en y gastric bypass surgery

      Vertical banded gastroplasty

      Stomach stapling

      Gastric sleeve

      Fobi pouch

      Stomach bypass

      Adjustable gastric banding (lap band)


What you need to consider when making a choice is the benefits and the risks associated with each of the weight loss surgery options. Weigh these two aspects and discuss these further with your chosen bariatric surgeon.

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