Gastric Bypass Surgery Price

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Price


If you are considering undertaking this procedure, you will be glad to know that gastric bypass surgery price is becoming relatively more affordable compared to how much it did cost several years ago.

However you need to realize that gastric bypass surgery price varies widely between regions and between bariatric centers.

A word of warning though – please do not be guided by the price of the operation alone when making your decision. Yes, I know affordability is quite important, but what is more important is the potential quality of the surgical procedure. Instances exist in the past where “cheaper bariatric surgery” had been performed, only for a repeat corrective surgery to take place to rectify initial surgical misadventure.

So the message I’m trying to put across is, do not look at the gastric bypass surgery price in isolation when making your decision.

So what is a guide gastric bypass surgery price?

As stated earlier, there are variations, so a single price will not be possible but as a guide, you should be looking at paying between $15,000 and $28,000.

For those living in the UK, a price between £7,000 and £16,000 is about the reasonable cost to expect.

Whatever the case may be, when you get a quote from your bariatric surgeon concerning your potential surgery, make sure included in the gastric bypass surgery price are the following:

Your gastric bypass surgery price may be met in 3 ways:

Approval is usually needed for cost to be met medical insurance. Your primary care doctor and your chosen bariatric surgeon will need to write a letter to your insurance company indicating that the surgery is a matter of medical necessity to facilitate approval.

By the way, not all insurance companies provide cover for obesity surgery and even for companies that provide gastric bypass surgery price cover opportunity, the cover may not be available in some states.

Approval may be declined but you have up to 60 days to appeal.

Loan facility may be the best option for a lot of people. Whatever medical loan facility you choose, make sure the following conditions are met.

So those are your options for meeting your gastric bypass surgery price and please choose wisely, so you don’t have any nasty surprises when you are trying to recover from your timely surgery.

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