Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet


If you are thinking of undergoing the bypass procedure, then you need to acquaint yourself about the gastric bypass surgery diet. If you know what to expect, then you are less likely to have any shock after the operation.

Having the operation is one thing but adapting to the gastric bypass surgery diet is quite another. For some people it will be their hardest challenge yet. It is a different mindset altogether and it is a mindset you must be prepared to adopt after the procedure.

The gastric bypass surgery diet is progressive in nature from the initial couple of days after the operation to the 4th week and beyond. Don’t forget that, it is imperative to give the surgical raw areas of the stomach and intestines time to heal to prevent anastomotic leakage.

Following that, changes in your diet are tailored to allow you re-adjust to your new way of eating….because it is indeed a new way of eating and existence for that matter.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet Soon after Surgery

 You probably won’t be allowed any food for the first 36 hours immediately following the operation for reasons explained above.

Thereafter, you will be placed on liquid diet for the next couple of days.

Liquid diet like broth, water, juice, low-fat milk, crystal light, decaffeinated tea, v8 diet splash, popsicles, apple juice, orange juice without bits, all make a good fit for the first few days.

These kinds of food will cause very little irritation to the raw surgical areas of the procedure.

It is also important you avoid fizzy drinks that will cause you to build up wind in your tummy. Wind build-up can make you very uncomfortable – cause you heartburn and even tummy pain.

 Second Stage of Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet

If you tolerated your liquid diet very well, then you will be moved on to semi-solid diet. This semi-liquid diet is the next challenge for the surgical integrity of the bypass procedure.

So what kind of food are we talking about here?

Thick paste or pureed food will fall into this category and will include foods like:

Once you experience a feeling of fullness, then you need to stop eating, otherwise you will have problems with indigestion and vomiting.

You should also not have drinks with your meal at the same time. There isn’t enough room in your stomach for food and drink at the same time. You drink in between meals.

This second stage of gastric bypass surgery diet may last 4 - 6 weeks.

 Third stage of gastric bypass surgery diet


The third stage of the gastric bypass surgery diet is the semi-solid food stage. Getting to this stage indicates significant progress. You should be getting used to your new dietary situation. The foods in this category are sort of solid but not solid enough to cause disruption of the newly designed alimentary canal.

Foods such as:

Here are a few gastric bypass surgery diet tips at this stage of your post-operative progress:

You will remain on this semi-solid gastric bypass surgery diet for about 6 weeks or thereabout.

Fourth stage gastric bypass surgery diet


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