Gastric Bypass Cost

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Gastric Bypass Cost


Gastric bypass cost varies between geographical locations, weight loss surgery providers and bariatric surgeons.

It is heart warming to note that the benefits of having a gastric bypass go beyond the health advantages like improvement of high blood pressure, reduction in cholesterol levels or improvement in type 2 diabetes.

Patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery or any other type of weight loss for that matter actually have significant improvement in their quality of lives. These people really do improve their earning capacity and are less discriminated against in the employment marketplace.

It is not always a good idea to look at just the gastric bypass cost in isolation in reaching a decision about where and how you are going to have your surgery performed.

Sometimes decision based on cost alone may turn out to be a false economy. You may end up paying more for a poorly performed first operation. There have been occasions when a rescue operation had had to be performed to correct mistakes of an initial operation.

The point I am making is that it is difficult to give a ballpark figure as to how much a gastric bypass surgery will cost.

However, as a guide, you could expect to pay between $15,000 and $28,000 for your gastric bypass surgery cost.

In the UK, the cost lies between £7,000 and £16,000 for the operation.

There are three approaches to meeting the cost of a gastric bypass operation.

Some health insurance policies do not cover obesity treatment. Others do but only do so in a limited way. So in actual fact your gastric bypass cost may be met by a combination of methods like part-covered by your health insurance provider and part-financing.

Will Pre-authorisation be needed or not for health insurance cover?

A process of pre-authorisation may be needed before approval is given if you are HMO covered. In this instance you will need to discuss your surgical needs with your primary care physician first before consulting with the bariatric surgeon you have in mind.

Your primary care physician will then liaise with the bariatric surgeon who would have assessed your suitability for the surgery.

The two doctors will have to write to your insurance company detailing why they think you will benefit from the gastric bypass as a matter of necessity. It's up to the insurance company to then decide as to whether they will cover your gastric bypass cost or not.

Your insurance company will have to give approval before you undertake the procedure.

Sometimes approval is declined, but you can appeal. You have 1 - 2 months within which you can appeal a disapproval decision.

More insurance companies are including obesity surgery in their cover portfolio. Medicare is one such insurance company and Medicaid does provide cover in some states.

 Self-funding or medical loan to pay for gastric bypass cost

Paying for your procedure yourself can be a good way to pay for gastric bypass cost, if you have the money. The good news is that the cost of bariatric surgery has been coming down in the last couple of years.

Not very many people have the ready cash to pay for what may be a life-saving operation. That is where a loan facility may come in handy. Whatever loan facility you choose you should be sure that the surgeon’s professional fees, the cost of hospital stay, lab tests before and after surgery, medications, anaesthetist’s fees, post surgery care are all included.

More importantly, ensure:

So those are the ways you may be able to finance your gastric bypass cost, but actual figures are only obtainable after your consultation with the bariatric surgeon of your choice, and indeed ‘how much will it cost’ is one of the questions you shouldn’t forget to ask him/her.

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