Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

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Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery


If you are considering weight loss operation, then you certainly won’t be making a bad choice with laparoscopic bariatric surgery. This type of approach has lots of advantages over the open variety which I will explain later.

The information on this page is a general overview of bariatric surgery performed via the laparoscopic route. Specific information relating to the different types of surgeries are provided on the specific page which you can access from this website's navigation menu on the right. Now let's get on with it...

The old way weight loss surgeons operated was to perform procedures by making a wide cut on the tummy. Now things are changing and doctors realize this too. In fact a lot of surgeons are now moving towards exclusively performing laparoscopic bariatric surgery unless difficulty is encountered in the course of the procedure.

 How is laparoscopic bariatric surgery performed?  

Whereas during open weight loss surgery, a big cut is made on the tummy, with laparoscopic bariatric surgery, a small 1cm cut is made on the navel (belly button). Gas is then put inside the tummy to sort of stretch the inside of the belly for safe introduction of special long instruments called trocars.

The instrument that goes through the navel cut will have a camera attached to the end of it to provide a good view of the ‘inside of the tummy’. The images are displayed on a video monitor for the benefit of the bariatric surgeon.

2 or 3 additional small 1cm cuts are made on the upper part of the tummy wall through which other long instruments are introduced inside the belly to help with the finer points of the operation.

Once the whole set up is deemed satisfactory and the surgeon can get a good view on the video monitor, he can then proceed to perform whatever surgical procedure you had agreed with your bariatric surgeon….

Why…..because there are different types of bariatric surgical procedures.

When your doctor is satisfied with what he has done, the gas is expelled from your tummy, the instruments are removed and the small incisions closed.

 How long does laparoscopic bariatric surgery last?

The length of laparoscopic bariatric surgery varies a great deal. A lot factors are involved in the performance of an operation and all of these would determine how long a surgical procedure would last. Factors such as the size of the patient, ease of anaesthesia, how good the surgeon’s view is, the skill of the surgeon because there is a learning curve involved for the doctors too.

 What happens after laparoscopic bariatric surgery?

One of the benefits of laparoscopic bariatric surgery is that, you won’t stay long in hospital.

Upon discharge from hospital, your stitches will be removed after about 4 – 5 days.

You will initially be put on liquid diet for about a week or so. Semi-solid diet will then be introduced for another fortnight and will then progress to solid food.

This is just a basic outline of what happens following laparoscopic bariatric surgery. There are differences based on the very type of procedure you had performed.

Suffice it to say, you will work closely with a dietitian who will give you appropriate guidance and meal plans for the months or even years to come.


 What are the benefits or advantages of laparoscopic bariatric surgery?

Some of the advantages of having this type of surgery laparoscopically are:

 What are the risks or complications of laparoscopic bariatric surgery?

 Can I have laparoscopic bariatric surgery? 

Not everybody is suitable for laparoscopic weight loss surgery.

If you fall into the category below, then perhaps it’s not for you:

Here are some laparoscopic bariatric surgical procdures:

      Gastric banding surgery

      Roux en y gastric bypass surgery

      Vertical banded gastroplasty

      Stomach stapling

      Gastric sleeve

      Stomach bypass

      Adjustable gastric banding (lap band)

      Fobi pouch

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