Gastric Banding Surgery For Obesity Weight Loss

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Gastric Banding Surgery For Obesity Weight Loss


When simple regular weight management measures fail, gastric banding surgery can help a great deal to tackle obesity. With millions of people becoming obese in developed nations like America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia etc, surgical techniques like gastric banding are indeed a life-saver.

Obesity comes with a lot of health hazards like:

 It becomes paramount for someone with obesity to do something about it, if only to improve their overall health and quality of life for that matter.

Gastric banding surgery procedures are by their nature stomach- restrictive. This means the surgical procedure aims to reduce the volume of your stomach. This means you become full a lot quicker when you eat, and you consume less food in practice.

On the psychological level, gastric banding surgery has the ability to fool the brain into thinking the stomach is full as well, because the restrictive band on the stomach sends signals to the brain, giving you a feeling of fullness pretty quickly.

Let’s not forget too, the fact that the stomach has been made smaller implies the food takes a longer time to digest, so you don’t feel hungry often.

The end result is you lose weight, burn off the fat over time. You can expect to lose an average of 100 pounds of weight with gastric banding surgery.

There are two common gastric banding surgery procedures and they are:



What are the advantages of gastric banding surgery?

 The main advantages of these surgical procedures are:

 Disciplined individuals have been able to keep their weight down even up to 8 years and longer, avoiding the nasty health risks associated with obesity.

 What are the problems or disadvantages associated with gastric banding surgery?

The procedure is generally safe so long as it is performed by a trained personel. However...

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