Gastric Band Surgery

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Gastric Band Surgery


Gastric band surgery is one of the popular surgical weight loss procedures available today. It was first developed by a Ukrainian American surgeon, Dr Lubomyr Kuzwak. The first set of procedures he performed produced quite some good results. At this time, this surgery was being exclusively performed using the open technique.

Over 2000 gastric band surgery procedures were performed worldwide but medicine is dynamic. There is always a search for a better way of doing a surgical procedure. Hence the late 80s and early 90s saw the development of the laparoscopic or keyhole approach.

The laparoscopic gastric band surgery has grown since then and it’s now referred to as lap band. The lap band got approval by the FDA in 2001, and the popularity has grown even better since then with over 400,000 procedures performed worldwide.

I have written extensively about the procedure, how it works, the risks and complications. For avoidance of repetition, go see the details of gastric band surgery here.

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